The Wellness Farm Pool, Inc.

19310 Dutton Road

Stewartstown, PA  17363

(717) 993-3081


March 5, 2017


LAMP has changed. Limited Alternative Membership Plan (LAMP) rationale:


1) We have been approved as a private membership pool and cannot operate as a

public pool [where people come and pay daily rates whenever they want]

2) We need a base-line operating budget in order to continue to run this facility.


The Limited Alternative Membership Plan is another option at The Wellness Farm Pool, Inc. It gives the family the flexibility to come whenever they can during the season. LAMP can benefit a family when a full membership would not be practical. Each family member would use a LAMP coupon each visit. The cost per family for the basic L.A.M.P. membership is $150 for the season which includes 10 LAMP passes given to you on your first visit to the pool in 2017. Non-family members using LAMP coupons as “guests” – see below*  If you run out of coupons, the per visit fee is $8 each time or $4 after 5PM. Additional sheets of 10 are available from the lifeguard for $75. Unused passes from previous years are not valid in the current year.


We hope this alternative program helps your family obtain the maximum benefit from The Wellness Farm Pool, Inc.   


Note LAMP memberships are limited this year to the first 20 families who join. We’d recommend considering a weekend only membership, thereby allowing your family to come and go as they please, without committing to the full membership fee. Then, if you just needed to come on a TWTh, you could pay a one-time guest fee for that day.


*If you bring non-family members as “guests” they must fill out a separate guest pass/liability release form – each time they attend. You must accompany them.


Jack and Bev Osman