The Wellness Farm Pool, Inc.


*Please see note to parents below.


  1. Everyone under 16 years old must pass a yearly swim test before entering the deep end of the pool.

  2. Walk, don’t run, on the concrete pool deck.

  3. Diving is allowed only in water 8 feet or deeper.

  4. Food, snacks and drinks are to be kept in the grassy areas.  Please minimize glass usage and restrict to grassed areas.

  5. Only sponge balls or other pool-safe objects are to be thrown in or around the pool area. Lifeguards can restrict usage.

  6. Dunking, pushing, wrestling, horseplay, or causing undue disturbance is not allowed.

  7. Help us keep the pool water clean. This means no spitting, spouting of water, or any bodily discharge in the pool. Patrons with bowel and/or bladder difficulties should wear protection designed for pool use. One “accident” could shut down the facility for 36+ hours! Patrons must be diarrhea-free for 3 days before returning to the pool.

  8. Ladders, the dividing ropes, and the diving board are not to be hung on.

  9. Adult swims are for patrons 16 years and older.

  10. Chewing gum is not allowed anywhere inside the fenced area, particularly not in the pool!
  11. All 66 acres of The Wellness Farm are to remain smoke-free.

  12. Pool drains, fountains, fill hoses, thermometers and discharge outlets are off limits and not for play.

  13. Individuals under 16 years old need adult permission and/or supervision to leave the fenced area.

  14. Alcoholic beverages need to be consumed with discretion and in moderation.

  15. Jumping into or onto floatation devices of any kind is unsafe and not allowed.

  16. Please rinse or wash off all perfume, deodorant and hair products before going into the pool.

  17. The on-duty lifeguard(s) is here for the protection of those using the facility. Conversations with the lifeguard are to be kept to a minimum while people are in the pool. All guards have been trained to maintain surveillance of individuals in the pool while briefly answering your questions or addressing your concerns. Potential danger is just a split second away. Please don’t feel shunned if we avoid eye contact while answering your questions.

  18. Access to the filter room, family home, office, apartment, barns, family garden or any other out-buildings is prohibited without specific permission of Jack or Bev.

  19. The baseball field, volleyball and basketball courts are for your enjoyment. General safety, courtesy, and common sense rules apply.

  20. Hikers using The Wellness Farm woods must notify the lifeguard when leaving and returning. For your safety we request that you stay on the designated trails and report back to the guard upon return.

  21. If you leave your child under another adult’s supervision, please notify the guard on duty -- before you leave.

  22. There is a supervision limit of 6 children per adult, unless otherwise approved by Jack and Bev.

  23. The table/umbrella area in front of the pump-house window on the deck is the lifeguard station. Please keep personal belongings off the table and chairs.

  24. Disturbance of pool families through rough play, profanity, temper-tantrums, melt-downs, arguments, etc., will be given one warning by the lifeguard on-duty. If such disturbances continue they will be asked to leave for the day.

  25. Please report all broken or malfunctioning equipment to the on-duty lifeguard (or pool manager) as soon as possible. If bath-houses are in need of cleaning or supplies, please let us know.

  26. Floatation devices (tubes, noodles, floats, kick-boards, etc.) may only be used during non-crowded times. Anyone using a floatation device must be able to swim the width of the pool (30 feet) without assistance. Otherwise, this patron must wear an approved safety jacket or be within arms reach of an adult swimmer.

  27. Water squirting devices may be used only with permission of the lifeguard and the other active participants. Care should be exercised so as not to squirt other patrons – in or out of the pool. This is special guard-regulated activity and can be revoked at any time.

  28. Pets are to remain outside the fenced area. Alert lifeguards of any “droppings” around the pool area.

  29. Throwing or kicking of potentially dangerous items into the pool (or within the fenced area) is prohibited.

  30. Please do not interfere with the lap lane swimmers. Keep toys, noodles and tubes out of the lap lane. Thank you!

  31. Please report to the on-duty lifeguard infractions of safety or health procedures of guests or members.

  32. Children are permitted and encouraged to learn the art of fruit picking -- with adult supervision.

  33. When in doubt – find out. ASK the on-duty lifeguard, but please do not block the guard’s vision of the pool.

  34. Children 3 and under are required to be escorted to the bathroom by and adult – hourly! No pool accidents, please!

  35. No noodle banging against the water! Some members like peace and quiet at The Wellness Farm Pool!

  36. Sun bathing is not permitted within 20 feet of the lifeguard stand.

  37. Lap-lane swimmers: Please limit your workout to 30 minutes if other lap-lane swimmers are waiting.


DIVING RULES – Less than 2% of all diving accidents occur from properly used diving boards. (Most facilities have removed diving boards because of the frequent violation of established rules. The same could happen here without strict adherence to the rules. Lifeguards have been instructed to have zero tolerance for infraction of diving rules. Offenders will be benched. Repeat offenders must meet with the owner.

A. No “sailor” dives. Sailor dives are head first dives with arms at the sides. This dive is extremely dangerous and can result in paralysis!  (Hands/arms need to cushion impact against the water, which minimizes potential head/spinal cord injuries.)

B. ONE bounce per dive.

C. Only ONE diver on the board at any time.

D. Please do not jiggle, rattle, bang or bounce on the approach-step to the diving board.

E. No face masks are permitted when diving off the board. (They can shatter! We have pictures!)  

F. ALL jumping and diving must be done in a straight line with the diving board.

G. Diver must swim promptly to side of pool before the next diver uses the board.

H. No one is permitted under the board (or holding onto the board) while others are diving.

I. When the West side lap lane rope is up, divers are not to interfere with or disturb – in any way

    lap-lane swimmers. Use the ladder at the East side (8 foot area) to exit the pool.

J. Absolutely no jumping or diving into or onto floatation devices, kick-boards, tubes or noodles from the diving

    board. This rule also applies to entrance into the water from the sides of the pool.

K. No running off the board to catch balls or other objects being thrown. (You can stand, jump and [try to] catch.)

**In other words, if it’s potentially dangerous, you are not permitted to do it at The Wellness Farm Pool, Inc.


The above diving rules have been established for the safety of all the pool patrons. Infraction of any of these rules will be considered serious and will result in temporary or permanent revoking of diving privileges at this facility and/or cancellation of membership without refund.





*Lifeguards have been instructed to ask pool patrons to wait 15 minutes (after applying SPF sun block lotions or sprays) before entering the pool. If sun block is not given time to sink into the skin, it will not protect people. Furthermore, entering the pool too soon will wash off the lotion in the pool resulting in cloudy water, coating the filters and causing a thin scum on the tiles and surface of the water. Skin and hair products not showered off before entering the pool will do the same.


*Families with infants in diapers – even approved ‘pool-safe” diapers are REQUIRED to read the (NSPF) National Swimming Pool Foundation “Fact Sheet” about failure rates of swimmy diapers within five minutes of a “bowel event.” For everyone’s safety we request that plastic pants be used in conjunction with pool-safe diapers. We encourage parents to routinely check diapers for fecal matter. (See bulletin board.)  ANY stool culture in the water – even just one coli form bacteria – will require us to close the pool. This is no time to be embarrassed or timid! The health of others is at stake. PLEASE immediately report all pool area bowel instances to the on-duty lifeguard and/or Jack and Bev. Don’t delay; seconds are important! Don’t allow embarrassment to interfere with notifying us promptly!!! We have been trained by the PA State Health Department to deal with this. “Stuff happens!”


THIS IS YOUR COPY ----- The two-page rule sheet is NOT to be returned to us.


 Please keep this copy of the Pool Rules in your own pool folder at home. Please be sure to sign the front of the application form (release statement) and also sign the back of the application form --indicating that you and your family have read/reviewed/discussed The Wellness Farm Pool, Inc. Pool Rules. We will keep the signed forms on file.  Please review all of the pool rules with each guest that you bring to The Wellness Farm Pool, Inc. Thank you. Thank you very much.