The Wellness Farm Inc.

Farming Practices

The Wellness Farm uses time-tested, renewable agricultural practices with a focus on sustainable stewardship. We are not "certified organic." We keep bees right on the edge of the fields, therefore, we will not risk injury to the ladies of the hive by using unwarranted modern-day chemical methods or materials. That being said, however, when there is an absolute need to use intervention methods, we will do so - judiciously.


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Help Finding Information Online

The Wellness Farm Pool, Inc. is a private swimming pool for community members and families. Open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  Certified Red Cross lifeguards. Swim Lessons. Water Aerobics.

Alpaca -- We currently have six alpaca in the herd. Alpaca fleece and yarn is available. See the Photo Gallery.

Honey Bees – Honey bee hives are becoming more difficult to maintain. The ladies have wonderfully pollinated the small fruits on the farm, but it is becoming increasingly more difficult to winter them over with the hope of strong Spring hives. We try to maintain healthy hives as we continue to learn about these fascinating, remarkable creatures.

The Wellness Educational Center, Inc. -- a non-profit, charitable 501(c)(3) health and wellness educational center for the community. Special educational programs are held from time to time.